colleen de reuck cross country classic  

saturday, november 3 

The "Colleen De Reuck Cross Country Classic" is a XC meet honoring one of the world's greatest ever distance athletes and Boulder local, Colleen De Reuck.

Colleen was a four time Olympian, representing South Africa at the 1992 (Marathon), 1996 (10,000m) and 2000 (Marathon) Olympic Games, and then represented the USA at the 2004 (Marathon) Olympics.

Colleen is also an outstanding Cross Country runner, which includes winning the USA XC Championships in 2004 and 2005, winning an individual Bronze medal at the 2002 World Cross Country Championships in Dublin, Ireland, which helped Team USA win a Silver medal. The following year, in 2003, Colleen helped Team USA win a Bronze medal at the World Cross Country Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 1995, Colleen won the Honolulu Marathon, in 1996 the Berlin Marathon, and is a former world record holder over 10M and 20K.

Colleen's Personal Records:
5000m - 15:24.77
10,000m - 31:16.00
1/2 Marathon - 1:08.38
Marathon - 2:26.35

The Colleen De Reuck Cross Country Classic on Saturday November 3rd, will host a series of XC races for elementary school kids as well as an Open race at Nevin Platt Middle School (6096 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303). 

The Colleen De Reuck Cross Country Classic each year will be a celebration of Colleen's career, her devotion to the sport of running and a promotion of health and fitness. We will also acknowledge and honor a different Olympian every year.



Registration is closed for the Colleen De Reuck XC Classic.
Registrations close Thursday November 1st at 12:00pm MST, and there will be NO race day entries.

Registration cost per person:
Mountain Lions Participants - $5.00
12 and Under - $10.00
17 years and Under - $15.00
Open - $20.00
Age Group 50+ - $15.00

Cost includes electronic timing and a limited edition Colleen De Reuck medallion.
Should you have any issues with your registration, call Chronotrack support on 1-888-600-2298.



Colleen De Reuck Cross Country Classic Program - Nevin Platt Middle School 11/3/2018
Mountain Lions Program - 
9:00am   Grade K & 1 - 1K (1 x 1000m lap)
9:15am    Grade 2 & 3 - 2K (2 x 1000m laps)
9:35am   Grade 4 & 5 - 3K (2 x 1500m laps)

10:00am  17 and Under 4K  (1 x 1000m lap + 2 x 1500m laps)
10:00am  Open Women 4K (1 x 1000m lap + 2 x 1500m laps)
10:30am  Open Men 6K (4 x 1500m laps)

11:00am Presentations

Start List for Colleen De Reuck XC Classic on 11/3 can be found here.

*Prize money available for the Open Men and Women races:
1st Place   $75.00
2nd Place $50.00
3rd Place  $25.00

1st Place Master Male and Female $40.00

Course Map can be found here
1000m - Red loop
1500m - Red loop + Yellow loop

USATF Colorado Championship
The Colleen De Reuck XC Classic, is a USATF Colorado Championship race. To be eligible to win the Colorado State XC championship and USATF Colorado prize money (listed below), all athletes must be a USATF Colorado Member, a Colorado Resident for 6 months and be eligible to compete for the USA in an international competition.
If you fulfill the USATF Colorado Championship criteria above, please make sure you supply your USATF CO membership number when registering. Failure to do so, will mean you are ineligible for any USATF CO awards.

USATF Colorado Prize Money
*Open Men and Women
1st Place   $150.00
2nd Place $100.00
3rd Place  $50.00

*Masters Men and Women
1st Place   $75.00
2nd Place $50.00
3rd Place  $25.00

Age Group Awards: Top 3 male and female finishers in the following categories - Open/ 40 - 44/ 45 - 49/ 50 - 54/ 55 - 59/ 60 - 64/ 65 - 69/ 70 - 74/ 75 - 79/ 80+

USATF Colorado Team Championship Rules and Regulations - 2018 USATF Competition Rules
Eligibility: Association Championships are open to all athlete members of the USATF. You need to be a Colorado Association member for this championship race.
Team Members need to be Colorado residents and association members OR if you are not a Colorado resident: An athlete who is a non-resident member of an Association is eligible to compete for a team in that Association only if the athlete:
(a) Resides in an adjoining Association within the government-defined Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of a city which is primarily in the neighboring Association as approved by the appropriate sport committee or council or;
(b) Has historical membership based upon Association residency (at least three continuous USATF membership years) is eligible to compete for that club. See Rule 341.8 for Masters LDR.

Scoring by place: The Team Championships for Open and Masters races shall be scored by place. Scoring by place:
(a) The team score shall be the total of the finishing positions of the scoring members. The team with the lowest total points is the team winner.
(b) Runners of incomplete teams, team entries not declared eligible for team scoring, and unattached or individual competitors will be eliminated from team scoring. Non-scoring declared members of complete teams shall retain their finishing positions and thereby displace other runners.
(c) When separate competitions are conducted simultaneously, each shall be scored independently. Runners on teams not eligible for a given competition will be eliminated from team scoring in that competition.
(d) In the event of a tie between two or more individual runners, each shall score the number of points determined by dividing the total of the finish places by the number of runners who have tied. 

Open Team Entries and Scoring: The number of entries for a team shall be unlimited but a maximum of eight entries shall be declared and the first five declared members of each team shall count in that team's score.  If a club enters more than one team, each team should be clearly identified.

Apparel: The jersey or singlet worn by the members of a team shall be basically identical for each member in color and style, and must be clearly visible throughout the race, i.e., worn as the outer garment if other apparel items are worn underneath by one or more team members. Because of the nature of cross country running, the preferences of individual athletes in certain weather situations will allow other apparel items to vary widely without penalty.

Masters Team Scoring: Team scoring shall be as follows:
(a) M40+ and M50+ five (5) individuals shall score with a maximum of nine (9) individuals declared per team;
(b) M60+ and above, and all women’s teams W40+, W50+, W60+ and above three (3) individuals shall score with a maximum of five (5) individuals declared per team.

*The age of the competitor on the day of the start of the race determines the age division. A runner may compete in a younger division as a team member. If he/she runs on a younger team, the runner may still compete as an individual in his/her true age division if both divisions are run simultaneously.

USATF Colorado Open Team Prize
*Open Men and Women
1st Place   Travel Grant towards 2018 USATF National Club XC Championships December 8th in Spokane, WA

Team Age Group Awards: Top 3 male and female team finishers in the following categories - Open/ 40 - 49/ 50 - 59/ 60 - 69/ 70 - 79/ 80+



Please find results for the 2018 Colleen De Reuck XC Classic here.
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